Stop EU subsidies on bullfighting

On October 28th, the European Parliament votes on the new budget for 2016, including European agricultural subsidies. The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament think it is unacceptable that farmers breeding and raising bulls for use in bullfighting, still are eligible to receive agricultural subsidies. The Greens tabled a proposal to stop European subsidies from being used to support these farmers.

Our proposal to end European subsidies on bullfighting did not get the support of the Budget Committee, so we are now re-introducing this proposal in the plenary session with a roll call vote. This means that we will know exactly who supports these subsidies and who does not.

The European Convention for the protection of animals kept for farming is clear:

animals should not suffer pain, injury, fear or distress.

It's also clear that farmers who breed and raise bulls for bullfighting do not comply with those conditions. Therefore these farmers should not be eligible for agricultural subsidies. The European Commission has the task as guardian of the Treaties to report on the measures it has taken to comply with the Convention.

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